Affiliate Marketing Lies: Meghan Markle is a Liar. Learn 4 Ways That The Affiliate Marketing Industry Lies too.

There are 4 affiliate marketing lies that are so often repeated they are now myths. These lies can cause businesses to pass on affiliate programs. A terrible mistake!

Simon Sinek, There’s No Such Thing as “Soft Skills”, and Affiliate Surveys

I rarely find affiliate managers asking their affiliates for feedback via Affiliate Surveys. This is a mistake. It’s a lost opportunity to improve your program.

Algorithms, lego, the Rubiks Cube, and managing affiliate programs

Like Rubik’s Cubes, there is no secret to successfully managing affiliate programs. You can break down what’s needed to manage an affiliate program into an algorithm. Instructions for the algorithm include (but are not limited to) the following.

It’s All Subjective. ‘Your Honor’ Miniseries and Super-Affiliates.

Certain definitions within the affiliate marketing industry are, like movie reviews, subjective. Over the years several clients have asked me what defines a super-affiliate. To answer the question I have had to hedge a little.