Google’s FLoC: Is Affiliate Marketing FLoCed?

Is Google’s FLoc the death knell of affiliate marketing?

TL;DR My guess is no. That said, like GDPR, FLoC will cause a lot of headaches for online marketers.

First off, let’s take a step back…

Affiliate Manager Expert Signs New Client Chowbus To Manage The Chowbus Affiliate Program

Bangkok-based affiliate management agency, Affiliate Manager Expert, announced Chowbus as one of the agency’s newest clients. The Chowbus affiliate program is…

Music In Advertising: Levis, Babylon Zoon, and 6 Examples of Audio Innovation in 2021

BBH and Levi Strauss & Co. clearly understood that music in advertising and branding is critical. Music has the ability to connect people and it can make us feel. Like smell, music can trigger memories. Listening to “Spaceman” triggered memories of the Levi’s ad for me. Then I started thinking about their ads from 35 years ago. This is powerful stuff!