‘For the want of a nail’, David Ogilvy, and secrets to writing headlines that get your copy read

Within digital marketing the ‘For the want of a nail’ proverb has resonance. It can be applied to so many core elements of the discipline. One of the best examples of where the proverb fits is the writing of headlines.

The law of unintended consequences and ‘Numa Numa’

There’s no doubt that Gary’s video going viral and making Dragostea Din Tei a hit in the US fits the definition. I can’t imagine that the pop group O-Zone ever imagined that their song would become a hit in the US. If you can think of another Moldovan band that has done well in America, I’d be surprised.

Cashback sites: I’m in danger!

If you like scrolling through memes, you’ll have seen the image of Ralph Wiggum sitting on the back of a bus. The text is usually something like “(chuckles) I’m in danger!”

The space pen and effective affiliate program management

Legend has it that NASA spent millions of dollars in the 1960s developing a pen that can write in zero gravity.